Drastically fresh marketing technologies!
ONLINEPAIDCLICK is in possession of an arsenal of substantially innovative ways of implementation of popular ad models including but not limited to CPL, CPC and CPS, and our itineraries and procedures of the task solution are feasible and know no boundaries.
ONLINEPAIDCLICK is a permanently evolving provider of online services dedicated to the steady improvement and renovation of existing spectra of monetization routes for marketing drafts and contrivances of any level of ambitiousness.
Convert your traffic into the river of gold!

Exuberant gains and consistent sales figures depend, to a great degree,
on the presentation of your marketed product on the internet. This is the
item handled by the display marketing, a division responsible for designing the
web-based advertisements in various formats like texts, graphics, flash, video and
others. The primary goal of this direction is the delivery of product information to the
website pilgrims. Desktop display is currently one of the leading and most promising
marketing strategies.

Among the standard formats of display ads is the rich media, which provides the
interactive way to communicate and pass the message to the consumers who react
to the content they view in their browser. The interstitials are still another example,
which is executed as in-build pages that appear in-between the expected content.
Overlays, banners, pop-ups, to name a few, also belong to this branch
of advertising.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK’s arsenal includes a set of all imaginable tools for display
advertising. Our staff will aid you in designing and presenting the content
that will magnify the ad views and actual sales. We have at out
disposal some of the most powerful ad servers out there for
the most effective management of your ads. Pleasant
bonuses may as well be expected by the customers
who will entrust the realization of their


Video is proved to be the most attractive media form for average modern
consumer. This claim has been tested decades ago on television ads, and is now
continuously attested in the internet realities. The videos are perceived as more
active and interactive, better digestible, so to say. This dynamic nature makes them
easy to enjoy to and consume passively as compared to text and even static forms o
graphics. And this provides a neat opportunity for advertisers when it comes to
influencing the consumers in as efficient a way as possible. When watching a video,
they are relaxed and open and ready to accept your information.

There exists a variety of video ad presentation formats. These may include linear ads
that do not interfere with the main video stream and resemble classical commercials;
non-linear ones that run parallel to the translated clip; and companion ones, being
text, graphics and interactive media that accompany the video. The specialists also
distinguish article video marketing that relies on the rendering of text content
through the video media; social video marketing whose basis is the social
interaction; and others, all being front-edge and constantly developing, enhancing
and leading to the emergence of even better and brighter video ad insights.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK offers the support and realization of all the abovementioned
formats and approaches. We will choose the best one that suits your purposes
and tasks based on the thorough analysis and your personal preferences.
We always think not only of our own returns, but also of the income of
our customers; we want to make them happy and to come back


In our days, one can hardly find an online user who doesn’t adhere to daily checking the email inbox. Email is a way for a people to communicate and to receive the information from the outside world, which is another promising chance for marketers. As you have guessed, email marketing is a subdivision of profession focused on spreading the advertised information via inbox messaging, both on individual and collective scale. The purpose of this strand of marketing is informing existing clients and engaging the potential ones and increasing the income from sales or traffic affluence. Year upon year, the field is growing and gaining new enhanced ways to appeal to the users’ interests and not to mark the received messages as spam.

As in other marketing areas, email marketing has a variety of methodological approaches. One is based on transactions or interactions of users with the advertiser, being rather the response to the displayed interest than intrusion. Another one is direct sending of messages to the collected or otherwise obtained lists of addressees. Mobile email marketing is an option as well.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK secures the implementation of effective email advertising programs without much effort from your side, owing to out large addressee databases, time-proven methods in terms of spacing, intervals, design and content of emails, and a team of highly skilled and experienced employees. By ordering our services, you ensure your own success through bountiful messaging campaigns that really bring impressive amounts of cash.


With each passing year, mobile technologies become more and more widespread, even literally indispensable for modern and progressive individuals. Smartphones, tablets and related devices of various labels and platforms are therefore the default vehicles through which the would-be customers learn about your products and interact with your advertisement packages. Mobile marketing technologies are defined as user-provider exchange relationships routes designed specifically for the use with or on mobile tools. This strand of marketing is able to offer the users the data, adaptable in terms of location and time, on the promoted products and services of varying nature. It is the selection of activities passed via the omnipresent network that unites the consumers who use the personal pocket devices.

Mobile marketing has undergone a host of rehashing and innovating steps in order to not be left behind the swiftly evolving technologies. With SMS, MMS and push notifications being now well-established and trivial modes, the novel ones like app and in-game approaches, location-based services and user-controlled media are gaining in relevance. App marketing, for instance, is indebted to the spread of mobile applications, which are viewed as one of the most promising resources for marketers’ projects. In-game, in turn, means that promo messages are delivered via the mobile gaming ways, which includes a number of specific approaches and tricks.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK team features more than a couple of well-trained, wonderfully skilled and tried experts in the mobile field who make us an apparent choice if you’re looking for ahead-of-the-time methodology to increase your income through this up-to-date technology. On top of that, the selection of formats we work with will impress you in a good sense.


Native advertising is a form of natural, non-obtrusive marketing coherent with the lining of content presented on the site or platform. In other words, it is perceived by the reader or viewer as a part of informative pattern they experience online without necessary being an advertisement as such. It is greatly insightful and inventive variety of marketing, that provides the opportunities for reaching even the most hesitant, ad-repulsing and intractable consumers.

There never cease to appear new ways to disguise an ad on the site. One variety of native marketing is the in-feed ads, which is realized as content neatly fitted inside the article or other item without the sponsor sticking out in any obvious way. Promotion listings, rec widgets and custom ads are just some examples of standardized or classified types of this continuity. They may be realized on open, closed on hybrid platforms depending on what do you see the best suiting option for your specific case.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK has onboard the real pros of native advertising, copywriters and designers as well as campaign managers and coordinators, who will study your requests and help you realize your vision in the most appropriate and quality-oriented ways. The audience will be naturally pulled towards your articles and videos without the least suspicion and consequently buy whatever you want. This is an indispensable addition to your marketing arsenal and a warrant of consistent and buoyant exponential growth of your cash influx. Just ask ONLINEPAIDCLICK how you can achieve it, and the results will take little time.


Our contemporaries, unlike their pre-internet ancestors, do not only passively consume the contents on the screen and stereo system, but also actively search for information on a daily basis. Search engine are viewed by the online surfers as their potent friends and advisers who always know the best places to go or to buy stuff they need. Manufacturers, entrepreneurs, service providers and sellers want to be sure that the customers will find them, and therefore the friendship with search engines is indispensable for them as well.

Search engine marketing is a specialized field entirely focused on increasing the mass awareness of your brand through the users’ interaction with search platforms, Google being the most obvious example of the latter. You have probably heard about SEO, but this is only a narrow sector of the wider SEM hyperspace. A broad range of metrics and approaches are utilized for the purposes in question, including searchability and indexing analysis, keyword research, saturation and backlinks estimation, paid inclusion, pay per click, contextual search ads and more.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK is a reliable mediating bridge between entrepreneurs, search machines and end-users. Our SEM experts team up together to provide the fullest analysis possible and to find and develop the best search ad approaches in terms of monetization and performance, no matter how difficult your case or how high your goals may be! And there are infinite curious bonuses as well.


Our team is a powerful mover and propeller

of marketing projects that translate traffic

and clicks into the everlasting and

evergreen golden flow that never

recedes but always grows in

ever-increasing steps.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK is, literally, the mechanics of bringing cash for online clicks. We are the leading web marketing company and advocate both straightforward and cutting-edge approaches to various domains of advertising ranging from native ads to email marketing. We implement programs that bring earnings for leads, clicks, specified actions, and so on. We deal with universal scope of tasks of any difficulty, and are able to take even of the most unprecedented cases. The advanced and constantly updating tools from our collection are designed to secure the exponential growth of our clients’ income and their immunity to competitors. We care about your wellbeing and prosperity!

ONLINEPAIDCLICK digs to the core of any task and ultimately finds optimum and non-standard solutions for best performance. Our ad platforms have no equals, as do our geographical ambitions: we cover the consumer base both sides of Atlantic and Pacific and provide personalized time and location specific plans. Our network never ceases to grow and our methods and tools never tire to improve and undergo optimization.

ONLINEPAIDCLICK’s background includes the successful collaboration with the client base from every stratum of business community, with varying aims and financial capabilities. All of them proved to be satisfied and happy, and we know no dream that cannot come true with ONLINEPAIDCLICK! We know how to attract and engage consumers and soften their stance on the advertisement and ultimately make them buy your products for mutual pleasure!

Richard Lindqvister
"I always thought that local campaigns are tougher than the global ones in the sense that the potential audience scope is much narrower, so I was looking for really experienced and hardboiled team to implement my prospects. ONLINEPAIDCLICK turned out to be exactly what I needed! They were able to get the most out of the local public and strictly followed my targeting specifications, which led to the desired level of sales and gains."
Stefania Martinez
"I’ve bought the native ad package from ONLINEPAIDCLICK for my company, which included the development and publication of articles and infographics for several blogs, websites and social networking platforms. I’ve got more than expected, the managers were polite and demonstrated high level of skills, so I’ve decided to also order a video ad project, which turned out to be successful as well. Definitely reliable and down-to-earth team!."
Elisabeth Jansen
marketing professional
"I am myself a marketing expert working in the field for half a decade, and I became interested in ONLINEPAIDCLICK partnership program through a friend who have connected earlier and recommended it a lot. The ONLINEPAIDCLICK folks have successfully passed my cross-examination and provided satisfactory replies to all my questions. Moreover, they agreed to tweak their standard conditions to suit my demands, and now we are reaping mutual benefits. Safe and reliable!"
Rebecca Liebermann
"I have recently launched my first startup, and, due to the lack of experience, encountered certain troubles with search indexing. Someone recommended me ONLINEPAIDCLICK on FB, so I contacted them and decided to give it a try. My budget was limited, so I was understandably worrying, but the guys were able to gratify my requests, and now my business is quickly expanding, and I have the best hopes for future. I can definitely attest their skills."
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