The principles of partnership institutions are rooted in the-more-the-better idea and the building of mutually profitable network of marketing connections. ONLINEPAIDCLICK was creating and expanding such a network since the first days of out activity, and now it has reached an impressive scale with an in-build resilient income generation system and ten percent premium rate.

One of ONLINEPAIDCLICK’s visionary tasks is also the quest for the matrix of non-stop development of interrelations between publishers, developers and advertisers on the one side and their targeted populace on the other one. Strictly speaking, it’s impossible without identifying the channels for receiving honest feedback, which is the prerequisite of any system’s homeostatic development.

In pursuing this goal, we, the team of ONLINEPAIDCLICK, were struggling to build a friendly atmosphere for communication to become possible. Besides, we were researching the ways of amending the data presentation, content creation and reducing the rate of null traffic that is useless when it comes to conversion. The special attention was paid to the problem of users who hate commercials and utilize all ways possible to block and get rid of them.

We are sure that our efforts brought excellent fruits, which is attested by the hundreds of glad clients, whose income steadily skyrockets, whose consumers are active and satisfied, and whose performance history proves that these results are no fluke. So we invite you to join our growing partnership network and experience its benefits for yourself!